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Walker Dance Park Music
5 2 10 : five duets, two solos, ten instruments
5 2 10 preview
L-R: Mike Hay, Jane Millar, Marie McClusky, John Struthers, Hilary Garnham at the Royal Opera Theatre

Internal News - 27 September 2006

ICIA’s co-commission of Walker Dance Park Music’s 5 2 10 previews at Royal Opera House, London

ICIA’s latest co-commission of a new piece of dance got its London showing when Walker Dance Park Music, an associate company of the Royal Opera House, presented the preview of 5 2 10 at the Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House, London, on Friday 22 September before going on a national tour.

The event was attended by the Director of ICIA - John Struthers, the University’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Jane Millar, Hilary Garnham from the Arts Council England, Marie McClusky - Director of Swindon Dance and Mike Ockwell of Hetherington Seelig Theatres.

5 2 10 has been commissioned by three organisations working together to become Dance in Swindon: Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts (ICIA) at the University of Bath in Swindon, Wyvern Theatre (HST) and Swindon Dance, a national dance agency. This is an exciting collaboration between a presenting venue, a national dance agency and a university.

This is the second work Dance in Swindon has commissioned. The first commission was Henri Oguike Dance Company’s How I Look which premiered in February earlier this year at the Wyvern in Swindon.

Dance in Swindon has been created out of a belief that synergy exists between the objectives of a dance agency, a university and a presenting venue. The aim of the partnership is to unite audiences, promote the best in mid-scale touring dance and raise the profile of the arts, and in particular dance, in Swindon.

Hilary Garham of the Arts Council England stated: “This is a unique partnership, and its work is significant in raising the profile of dance and new work in the south west region”.

Walker Dance Park Music will be visiting the ICIA, University of Bath on Saturday 14 October, 7.30pm.


Walker Dance Park Music is the contemporary dance and music company created by Jerwood award-winning choreographer Fin Walker and ground-breaking composer Ben Park. It makes dance and music in a way that fuses the energy of both disciplines to create a complex and joyous synthesis.