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Professor Kevin Edge & RIS’s Dr Jenni Solbe addressing the Tissue Regeneration conference held in Bath earlier this year
Professor Kevin Edge & RIS’s Dr Jenni Solbe addressing the Tissue Regeneration conference held in Bath earlier this year
Photo by Nic Delves-Broughton, University Photographer

Internal News - 27 September 2006

Bath hosts UK-USA stem cell partnership event

The University of Bath is hosting an exciting workshop, Stem Cells & Bioengineering, which brings together scientists and clinicians from the universities of Bath, Bristol, Southampton and Surrey, and from the University of California San Diego and the University of California Irvine.

The workshop, which runs from 27-28 September, is funded through an award by the Department of Trade & Industry to the SetSquared Partnership to build links with Southern California.

These partnerships are focused around business creation and applied research collaboration.

The workshop is aimed at capitalising on the complementary strengths in stem cell research and bioengineering across the six institutions, to generate exciting applied research collaborations.

Jenni Solbe, from the University of Bath’s Research & Innovation Services, has worked with the academic and clinical attendees to put together an exciting programme focused around tissue regeneration.

The workshop has sessions on regeneration of neural, vascular and musculoskeletal tissues, as well as underpinning technologies such as stem cells, biomaterials and bioreactors.

The attendees are focused in on applied research and it is anticipated that the workshop should generate groundbreaking collaborations with potential to generate both a medical and an economic benefit.

Clinical and industrial involvement is planned for the emerging collaborations, and Dr Leslie Wolfe, VP Technology Development for Genzyme Biosurgery, will be speaking during the programme.


The SETsquared Partnership brings together the enterprise activities of the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Southampton and Surrey. With 8% of the UK's research budget, the Partnership is situated in one of the strongest economic areas.

A proven leader in the development of the UK's knowledge economy and the UK's largest collective of 6,500 researchers, the SETsquared Partnership advances enterprise in the UK.

The SETsquared Partnership: * develops new businesses from university research ("spin-outs") and supports technology companies from the wider business community * collaborates with industry, providing access to university expertise and facilities, and * prepares new entrepreneurs with the business skills to be the UK's enterprise generation