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Graham Palmer compares today's technology with an exhibit at the Museum of Computing
Graham Palmer compares today's technology with an exhibit at the Museum of Computing

Internal News - 06 September 2006

Intel director visits Oakfield

Graham Palmer, Director & Country Manager for Intel, UK & Ireland, met staff from the Innovation Centre and Business Hub at Oakfield on a visit to the campus on Tuesday 5 September.

Faith Butt, Director of Oakfield introduced Mr Palmer to the expert mentoring, business support and network opportunities provided to high-tech start-up companies by Oakfield’s Innovation Centre, and to the Business Hub projects which support women entrepreneurs and train local businesses in coaching, leadership and mentoring skills.

Mr Palmer said: “Innovation is central to Intel, so I was impressed to hear about the range of training and support opportunities for new and established businesses provided by the University of Bath in Swindon.

"As a company we support higher education and community programmes that deliver the kind of educational opportunities that all students will need to prepare themselves to succeed in the 21st century. It’s clear that the University is making an important contribution to Swindon’s economy and community.”

In a tour of The Museum of Computing at the campus Mr Palmer was fascinated to see working exhibits charting the early days of computer development.

He brought with him Intel’s newest processor, the Intel Core 2 Duo Chip, recently launched in the UK, which made an impressive contrast to its 1981 counterpart the Intel 8088.

At the size of a little finger nail, it has two processing cores – or ‘computer brains’ – that can handle multiple tasks in less time while consuming less power, meaning ever sleeker and smaller systems. It powers today’s laptops and desktops at a processing speeds of up to 3000 MHZ. Amazingly the new chip offers over 30,000% improvement in performance when compared to the Museum’s now heavyweight IBM PC 5150 running at just 4.77 MHZ.

Mr Palmer is responsible for all sales development, marketing, branding and strategic initiatives undertaken by Intel in the UK and Ireland. He joined Intel in 1988, and has held a range of marketing and communication roles, recently leading the UK digital home sales team. Prior to taking up the role of Country Manager in August 2005, Graham managed Intel's EMEA advertising, online and campaigns team.