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Press Release - 15 January 2007

University gives school students an insight into science

Bubbles and breakfast will help to give school students from Swindon an introduction to the subject of nanotechnology, in a science lecture at the University of Bath in Swindon.

The lunchtime talk, for up to 100 Year 9 and 10 students from schools and colleges across Swindon, will be held at the Oakfield campus on 22 January. Its aim is to inspire students in science and give them an introduction to university.

The lecture will show how soapy water can produce a bubble, why Brazil nuts always find their way to the top of muesli, and why toast always falls buttered-side down.

Dr Steve Roser, a senior lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bath, will explain this by giving students an insight into the basics of nanotechnology, or molecular engineering.

Dr Roser works with schools and colleges to encourage children and young people to engage with science. “I’m interested in science education in the broadest sense,” he said. “I try to encourage people to take a look at the excitement and creativity of science. It’s not just about learning facts, it can be creative and beautiful.

“Nanotechnology is to do with the way molecules organise themselves. It’s about manipulating molecules and particles at a very small scale. We can use ‘clever’ molecules to start to do clever things. It’s going to be terribly important in all sorts of ways in the future, for example in nano-medicines we will be able to target specific parts of the body and nano-electronics will see new computing devices.”

To book a place or for further information contact Anne Olesen at the University of Bath in Swindon on 01793 328800. The talk includes a free sandwich lunch.

The talk is one of a series for school students called the Youth University Lecture Programme. The next talk in March will feature cosmology and ‘A little history of the big bang’.

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