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Sir Martin
Professor Sir Martin Evans receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Bath
Photo by Nic Delves Broughton, University Photographer

Internal News - 10 October 2007

Honorary graduate awarded Nobel Prize

Professor Sir Martin Evans, who received an honorary doctorate from the University of Bath in 2005, has this week been awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine.

He received the prize, with colleagues Professor Mario Capecchi and Professor Oliver Smithies, for developing a technique known as gene targeting.

Gene targetting has enabled scientists to replicate human diseases in mice by introducing genetic changes into the animal's stem cells. The Nobel committee said this had led to many new insights into conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

Sir Martin, a professor at the University of Cardiff, was nominated for an honorary degree from the University of Bath by Dr Vasanta Subramanian from the Department of Biology & Biochemistry.

“Sir Martin’s work, together with that of Professor Capecchi’s and Professor Smithies, has had a tremendous impact on our ability to understand gene function,” said Dr Subramanian.

“The award of the Nobel Prize is not surprising but has been long overdue. We congratulate Sir Martin. I feel privileged to know Martin, who has been an inspiration and encouraged me to use of embryonic stem cell technology since 1987.”