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Internal News - 10 October 2007

Coming soon, staff survey 2007: your survey - your say

From mid-October to mid-November the University will be carrying out a staff survey which will give staff the opportunity to have their say on issues that affect them in the workplace. The University, the trade unions and Capita's Survey & Research Unit have worked together in partnership to create the questionnaire.

In order to ensure the anonymity of people's responses, the University has commissioned external consultants, Capita People Development's Survey & Research Unit, to deliver the survey, analyse the results and prepare a report for the University Executive Committee. The results of the survey will be shared with the University community.

You will have the chance to give your opinions on a number of different aspects of your working life at the University, for example:

• pay and conditions
• your role
• job satisfaction
• work-life balance
• how the University manages change
• health and safety
• communications
• physical environment
• your line-manager/supervisor
• the management and governance of the University
• opportunities for training and development.

You will also be asked to say what you like about working at the University and what improvements you would like to see.

Although the survey may appear lengthy, the majority of questions only require a tick box response so the form should not take more than about 20 minutes to complete.

The survey will be delivered mainly online but hard copies will be sent to staff who do not have easy access to email and other staff may request a hard copy if they prefer it to the electronic version. There will also be the option to complete the survey over the phone.

It will be distributed on Monday 15 October and will run until Friday 16 November. The University recognises that early October is an extremely busy time for many staff which is why the date has been set for mid-October. This will still allow us to have the results from Capita before Christmas.

The survey is anonymous, and will be undertaken in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Only Capita's researchers will see your answers and no-one in the University will see your completed questionnaire. Any reports provided to the University will be in an aggregated format so no one will be identified, not matter how unique your role

If you have any questions, please contact Lili Culbert in Human Resources, ext 3679