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Internal News - 12 October 2007

List owners must move lists over to new system by the end of October

A message from BUCS:

Over the summer Computing Services launched a new system for managing mailing lists.

The new lists system and the two older lists systems have been running in parallel since August to allow time for people to move their lists; however the old lists systems are due to be switched off at the end of the month. Any list owners who still own active lists on the old systems must move their lists over to the new system before that time.

The major change people will notice is that mailing lists now end in Contact points such as or should be converted to shared mailboxes. More information about shared mailboxes can be found in the Related Links, as well as the full list of mailing lists at the University.

The new system was chosen because it has a user-friendly web interface, the ability to create mailing lists that start working immediately with no administrator intervention, and a level of flexibility where users can customise their list to a very high specification.

Computing Services would like to thank users for their patience and feedback throughout the initial phase of the new system. Such things always take some getting used to but we hope you will benefit from the system's improved features over its predecessors'.

For any queries about the new lists system please email Listmaster