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Professor Geoff Hammond
Professor Geoff Hammond
Listen to the podcast of this lecture
Listen to the podcast of this lecture

Press Release - 16 October 2007

Free public lecture: Lowering our carbon footprint

Local people can find out how communities can reduce their carbon footprint, at a free public lecture at the University of Bath next week (Wednesday 24 October at 5.15pm).

Professor Geoff Hammond, Director of the interdisciplinary International Centre for the Environment (ICE) at the University of Bath, will look at the global challenges and local opportunities for change in ‘Lowering our carbon footprint: towards a sustainable energy system.’

“Britain faces a series of major challenges in making its energy sector more sustainable,” said Professor Hammond. “In order to tackle the threat of global warming, the country needs to embrace zero or low carbon technologies: energy efficiency measures, renewable energy systems (e.g. bioenergy, solar energy, tidal, wave and wind power) and, possibly, even nuclear power.

“But, at the same time, the nation's oil and natural gas resources in the North Sea are declining, along with world reserves. Increased demand for fossil fuels from rapidly developing nations, like China and India, exacerbates both resource and environmental problems.

“This talk will address some of these global challenges, as well as the ways in which local communities can act to reduce their energy use and carbon, or environmental, footprint.”

Professor Hammond, from the University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, has a multi-disciplinary and industrial background, including environmental engineering and management studies.

Admission for the lecture is free and people can just turn up on the evening. Free parking is available in the West Car Park. The lecture runs from 5.15pm until 6.15pm in the lecture hall in 5 West 2.3 on the Claverton campus.

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