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Internal News - 05 October 2007

Mindmatters website helps promote student health

Student Services has recently launched its new 'mindmatters' website to help students better understand what mental health is, and what they can do if they experience mental health difficulties.

The site is aimed at helping students who have questions about mental health to locate information, self-help resources and support services they need.

“Most students will have experiences that cause stress at some point in their university career,” said Jenny Childs, one of the counsellors in the Counselling Service Team who has developed the website.

“It could be anxiety, depression, relationship problems, personal developmental issues, exams, leaving home – or anything which upsets their sense of well being.

“The website has been built around student and staff involvement, and presents scenarios that look at the kinds of experience people may have.

“Importantly it also shows them where they can turn to for support and help.”