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Internal News - 14 November 2007

Registrations open for final programme of adult education courses

Registrations open next week for the final programme of adult education courses to be offered by the University of Bath’s Centre for Lifelong Learning.

The spring 2008 programme will be the last as numbers attending this programme have declined eightfold over the last four years.

Subjects to be offered in the final programme include history, history of art, IT, and creative writing.

But the successful and free early evening General University Lecture Programme (GULP) offered by the Centre will continue, whilst the lunchtime programme given in Carpenter House in the city centre is set to be enhanced.

Community courses offered by the University’s Foreign Language Centre, in languages such as French, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, and by its Institute for Interdisciplinary Arts (ICIA), including drawing and painting, will continue and are unaffected by the changes at the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

Explaining the changes at the Centre, the University’s Director of Lifelong Learning Dr Faith Butt said two-thirds of the autumn 2007 programme had failed to cover even the costs of hiring the tutor, with less than 10 students registering on many courses.

She added this contrasted starkly with the GULP programme, where over 220 people attended a recent lecture.

“We are justifiably proud of success and attractiveness of the GULP lectures and the valuable contribution they make to community education in our City”, she commented.

“But we cannot continue to offer programmes that are not successful and which, in practice, prevent us from responding to other pressing demands.”