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Anyone interested in taking part should contact Dr Betts on ext: 3448

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Internal News - 22 November 2007

Team sports players needed for research into nutrition and muscle recovery

Volunteers are needed for a research project investigating the effect of nutritional supplementation on muscle inflammation and recovery following exercise.

Male team sports players (e.g. football, rugby, hockey and basketball) are required for this study, which will involve one full day of testing in December, with a second part of the experiment taking place on a day in January.

“The intensive physical training programmes followed by many athletes often involve repeated bouts of physical exertion with relatively limited time available for recovery between exercise sessions,” said Dr James Betts, lecturer in Human Physiology & Metabolism in the School for Health.

“This study will examine whether the ingestion of certain nutritional supplements may mediate the inflammatory response to a demanding exercise session, therefore potentially facilitating the recovery of muscle function.”

Participants would benefit from an extensive assessment of their fitness and repeated sprint performance, along with an in-depth analysis of their diet and how it might be adjusted for improved health or performance outcomes.

Furthermore, the blood analyses included in this study will provide each participant with detailed information regarding their personal metabolic and immune responses to exercise.

Anyone interested in taking part should contact Dr Betts on ext: 3448.