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Internal News - 23 November 2007

Staff can access their wage slips online for the first time

The University will, for the first time, give its employees access to their payslips online.

Employee Self Service is a way of allowing staff to access their employment data directly from the University’s human resources and payroll system. It will launch on 30 November and another announcement will be made then.

It is secure, available to all staff, and available 24 hours a day. ESS allows staff to see and update their personal information, and is directly linked to the HR database and so any changes will take place immediately. It does not contain data which seldom or never change such as date of birth.

Each month the University distributes thousands of payslips; now each member of staff can see their individualised payslip on-line, both the current one and those paid in the past.

To use Employee Self Service staff need to use their BUCS user name and password. This reinforces staff's obligation not to divulge their passwords to anyone.

See the links in Related Links for more information, or contact Scott Blum, HR Manager (Management Information), for more information.