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Will a new nation state strengthen the EU's hand in international relations?
Will a new nation state strengthen the EU's hand in international relations?

Press Release - 11 February 2009

Inaugural lecture: Muscles from Brussels – a 21st century superpower

Will the European Union (EU) become a 21st century superpower? The EU’s approach to international relations will be discussed at a free inaugural lecture at the University of Bath on Thursday 12 February.

Experts in international relations are struggling to see where the EU fits into a transforming picture of global politics, with the ‘rising powers’ of Brazil, Russia, India and China affecting US dominance.

Professor Richard Whitman from the University’s Department of European Studies & Modern Languages will discuss the possibility and potential of a European nation state in his lecture entitled ‘Muscles from Brussels: a 21st century superpower.’

He will discuss the role that the EU currently plays within international politics and the impact of a developing international role on the foreign security and defence policies of member states.

Professor Whitman said: “I will be looking at how the EU can reconcile its need to engage with international relations with the difficulty of building a cohesive foreign and security policy between 27 separate member states. I will also be discussing what the EU might want to achieve if it had a more coherent foreign policy and greater power and influence within international relations.”

Professor Whitman is an Associate Fellow, Europe at Chatham House (formerly known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs) and organises the work of the Brussels-based European Policy Centre on the EU’s neighbourhood policy.

The inaugural lecture will be held at Lecture Theatre 8 West 1.1 at the Claverton campus at 6.15pm. For a free ticket please contact Lauren Jones on 01225 386471 or email

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