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Internal News - 05 November 2007

New MATLAB tools are not just for engineers and scientists!

MATLAB is currently used regularly for teaching and research in the engineering, maths and computing departments. However, its new tools could also prove popular with the staff in the Schools of Management and for Health, economists, biologists and social scientists.

A free one-day seminar on Tuesday 20 November will give research staff the chance to find out about some of the MATLAB tools now available to them through the new campus-wide licensing agreement.

Please register for the event as soon as possible to give organisers an idea of numbers.

The seminar, which takes place on campus, will focus on how the MATLAB technology can be used within academia for teaching and research to address key challenges in traditional and new applications areas.

These include:

The event will explore applications through software demonstrations and teaching examples. MathWorks engineers will be available throughout the day to answer questions.

For more information on the seminar and to register for the free event, see the related links section.