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Internal News - 07 November 2007

New look for University logo

Imaging, Design & Print Services is pleased to announce the launch of a redrawn image for the University logo.

The logo still uses the Gorgon’s Head taken from the University’s full Coat of Arms but has been updated so that there is now only one version of the logo, helping to reduce the confusion over which version of the logo should be used and ensuring the logo is reproduced faithfully in various media, such as newsprint.

The updated logo should be used with immediate effect for all new printed materials, communications, signage and so on.

Please use up any materials with the old logo and update with the new logo only when the item comes up for reprint or is reproduced. Please do not destroy any materials just to replace the logo.

In applying the logo consistently to all our communications, the University will continue to display a strong and effective brand.

If you would like any assistance with how to use the new logo, please contact: Imaging, Design & Print Services, ext 4927 or 6926.

Information and downloadable versions of the new logo can be found on the updated visual identity pages - please see Related Links.

For enquiries about the use of the new logo on University webpages, please contact Web Services, ext 6280.