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Internal News - 03 December 2007

Use of blogs by Bath students features in national workshop

A message from UKOLN:

The use of blogs by students at Bath featured as part of a national workshop on social networking recently.

UKOLN organised a workshop on ‘Exploiting The Potential Of Blogs and Social Networks,’ which was held at Austin Court, Birmingham.

The event, aimed primarily at UK universities, looked at the policy issues and best practices for use of blogs and social network services.

Following case studies from Birmingham University, Leeds University and Edge Hill University, Tom Milburn, Vice President Education at the Bath University Students’ Union, gave a talk on ‘The Students Perspective’.

This talk was well received, and described how students at the University have been using Facebook to provide peer support.

The talk also describes the ‘Facebook Flyers’ developed by the Students Union in consultation with LTEO, which advised students on best practices for safeguarding their privacy in social networks such as Facebook.

The speaker from Edge Hill University, Alison Wildish, will be starting work as Head of the University Web Services on 3 January.

The speaker’s slides are available online - please see Related Links. The talks were streamed to a remote audience and were also available in the Second Life 3D environment.

The event was organised by UKOLN, which is a national centre of expertise in digital information management, based at the University of Bath.