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Christian Gilde
Christian Gilde

Internal News - 04 December 2007

Marketing student wins international award

A postgraduate student in the University of Bath’s School of Management has won a leading American-backed competition for superior research and fieldwork in marketing.

Christian Gilde, a Research in Management PhD student, won the Europe-wide Sheth Foundation Doctoral Thesis Award Competition for his thesis proposal exploring the impact of store design on consumers’ shopping behaviour.

Christian is a member of the School of Management's Marketing Group.

The award is run by the Madhuri and Jagdish N Sheth Foundation, an American organisation which supports the development and research of marketing techniques and concepts.

Professor Sheth is an internationally recognised business consultant and founder of the Center for Relationship Management at Emory University and the Center for Telecommunications Management at the University of Southern California.

Submissions to the competition were limited to one per university from any country in the European Union and were reviewed for technical depth and significance of the potential research contribution, potential impact on theory and practice, and quality of presentation.