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Challenge: switch off appliances at the socket.
Challenge 01: Some appliances like phone chargers continue to consume electricity when not in use. Switch off at the socket.
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Press Release - 11 December 2007

University staff to go online to save energy

Staff at the University of Bath can now go online to find out how they can play an important part in the city’s bid to cut carbon emissions.

The energy awareness slideshow is launched as part of the ‘Our Big Energy Challenge’ project to give simple energy saving steps for work and home.

The online package takes just 30 minutes to complete and gives the basic facts about reducing energy usage to save money and help fight climate change.

“The messages are simple but if we all do our bit it can make a big change,” said Peter Phelps, the University’s Energy & Environment Manager.

“Switching off your computer monitor at the end of the day, or when you’re away from your desk, is one of a list of easy things we can all do to save at least 10 per cent of our energy consumption.

“For most people, recycling at home is now a matter of course and I hope that this web package can help to make switching off lights at work, and other energy saving measures, just as routine.”

In the past year the University has recruited and trained 55 volunteer members of staff to act as energy champions in each department, to help and advise colleagues on how to save energy.

The University has also installed high-tech monitoring and metering equipment to enable regular and detailed checks on energy usage in different areas of the University.

Staff can access the web package from related links and will need to input their username and the login code 3n3rgy. Group training is being organised for staff without personal computer access. A quarterly prize draw gives three people the chance to win a £50 book or record token.

Our Big Energy Challenge is part-funded by the Treasury and was developed by Bristol’s Centre for Sustainable Energy. It aims to reduce the amount of energy used by key public sector organisations in and around Bath.

The project involves Bath & North East Somerset Council and its partners in the Local Strategic Partnership. Together the organisations employ more than 14,000 staff. Their combined energy consumption costs are more than £7 million and they produce more than 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Our Big Energy Challenge aims to save £5 million in energy costs over the next six years and cut 5,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

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