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Internal News - 02 February 2007

Staff and students to be asked about future of campus

A message from the University about a forthcoming review of commercial activity:

What is going on and why?
The University is undertaking a review of commercial activities on campus including retail, conference, hospitality and accommodation and sports facilities. The aim is to put in place a coherent strategy and structure for these activities so they provide excellent service for students and staff whilst also generating reliable, independent and sustainable income for the benefit of the University.

The University also wants to make the central campus area, including The Parade, as attractive and pleasant as possible, not only for existing students and staff but also for prospective students and visitors. The central facilities and spaces should be accessible and enjoyable to use while engendering community spirit and also being relevant to all users.

Who is doing this?
To conduct this review, the University has invited Pragma Consulting to advise on the most appropriate mix of retail, leisure and service facilities in the central campus area, where these facilities should be situated with reference to natural flow routes, and how they should link to other parts of University life. The work will incorporate a review of the use of surrounding public spaces to make them more user friendly, be it for work, study or social purposes.

How are they doing it?
Pragma believes in taking a consumer-led approach to designing public and commercial areas. As a result, over the next few weeks, they will be holding focus groups with students and staff and local residents, and running surveys on campus and on-line. The aim of the surveys is to find out what all groups would like to see in terms of commercial services and how use of these facilities and surrounding public spaces can be enhanced to make the central university buildings a vibrant and exciting place to work, study and play.

How can I be involved?
If you have views on what you would like to see in the main campus area, both with reference to commercial facilities or improvements to the public spaces, please email Alex Evered at Pragma.