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Maggie Hooke
Maggie Hooke, Banwell Pharmacy & St Peter's Hospice

Press Release - 21 February 2007

Case studies of independent prescriber pharmacists


Victoria Clarke - Oncology & Haematology Support Pharmacist, Royal United Hospital, Bath
“Pharmacist independent prescribing is an exciting opportunity for me to contribute to patient care in oncology, especially as consultant and registrar clinics are bursting at the seams - there are many more patients than there are clinic slots. Patients benefit from a specialist pharmacist's knowledge and expertise with their medicines and so far feedback has been very positive. I hope to extend my prescribing areas in the future.”
01225 428331 bleep 7171 or 01225 825462


Deborah Campbell - Deputy Head of Medicines Management, North Somerset PCT, Clevedon
“Independent prescribing allows you to treat the whole patient, as long as you feel competent to do so. It is particularly beneficial for minor ailments that become evident when you are treating long term conditions.”
079 66 179 772

Jill Moore - Clinical Pharmacist, Shepton Mallet Treatment Centre (Shepton Mallet, Trowbridge)
“As a pharmacist I am frequently asked by patients for advice on their medicines or to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. Becoming a pharmacist independent prescriber means that I can utilise my specialist knowledge of medicines and, together with my newly-developed diagnostic skills, be able to diagnose and treat many conditions for which patients previously had to see their doctor."
01225 764644 or 07941160949

Alison Jane Doherty - Senior Medicines Management Pharmacist, North Somerset PCT (Clevedon & Weston Super Mare)
“I have enjoyed immensely the transformation to a pharmacist independent prescriber. Within primary care it is a key opportunity for doctors, nurses and pharmacists to use their clinical skills to work together to improve patient care. Currently I run clinics on hypertension, cardiovascular risk and for all patients who are newly-registered at the practice with any long term medical condition. I am in the early stages and so far excellent progress is being made; and through ongoing review and audit, the skills and services that I can offer as a pharmacist independent prescriber within primary care will increase and become more widely recognised.”
07974 940946

Margaret Hook - Principal Pharmacist to St Peter's Hospice Bristol and proprietor pharmacist of Banwell Pharmacy (Bristol & Weston Super Mare)
“Patients who stay at the hospice are with us for symptom control and respite care, the conditions of patients can change unexpectedly and it is important to respond to changes as quickly as possible. I have been using my qualification of supplementary prescriber for nearly two years to speed the discharge of patients, now independent prescribing will also allow me to prescribe for patients who remain in the hospice or go home.”
07710 285958


Alaster Rutherford - Head of Medicines Management, Bristol PCT
“Although most of my work is managerial, for me it is important to retain contact with patients and clinical care. I am part of a ‘one-stop’ clinic so that patients can have their spirometry measured and then have an extended consultation with me to review fully all the issues affecting their lung disease. Being an independent prescriber will further streamline this service and will also allow me to deal with minor ailments which patients also bring with them. Our aim is to provide the best care of these patients, for whom breathing itself can limit everyday living.”
01179 003416 or 07885 271964

Bethan Lewis - Advanced pharmacist - Epilepsy and Parkinson's disease, Bristol PCT
“Independent prescribing will provide flexibility and ubetter patient care. It will enable the prescriber to prescribe in other areas in which they feel confident for minor ailments or other conditions with which the patients may present. This would not have been possible as a supplementary prescriber as only those conditions and treatments included on the clinical management plan would have been able to be addressed. This will mean that it is less likely that the patient would need to make another appointment with the GP to discuss minor ailments or other conditions as it would already have been addressed by the independent prescriber. I am looking forward to the opportunities that independent prescribing will bring and the challenge of broadening the areas in which I feel competent to prescribe which overall will lead to improved patient care.”
01179 003445

Rachel Ann Hall - Clinical Pharmacist, The Old School Surgery, Bristol
“This is a unique role, having an independent prescribing pharmacist working as a full-time member of the primary healthcare team. I work alongside the nurses and GPs, seeing patients, offering health advice and prescribing medications when appropriate. This improves access to the patients by offering 20 minute appointments which are often available the same day, but also booking up to four weeks in advance. My role is still expanding and currently covers most areas of chronic disease management, in particular, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, asthma and chronic kidney disease. I also see patients with skin complaints and minor illnesses. The practice believes the role could continue to expand and early feedback from the patients shows it to be enormously popular.”
0117 9653102 or 07780 583 554

Emma Glover - Bristol PCT
Emma graduated from the University of Brighton in 2001. Since then she has worked in community pharmacy and as a prescribing support pharmacist for Bristol PCT. She has been seeing patients with migraine as a trainee supplementary prescriber and hopes to develop this role further in the future as an independent prescriber.
07813 325278


Lucy Lightfoot - South Gloucester PCT
“Independent prescribing will provide more streamlined provision of preventative medicines and chronic disease management, from a healthcare professional with a focused interest."
0117 330 2400 or 07795 420814

Danielle Gorman - Prescribing Adviser, South Gloucester PCT
“Being an independent prescriber means that I will be able to conduct regular routine reviews and respond to and prescribe for minor ailments. Also, I will be able to answer complex medicine-related questions that may not get asked in a doctor or nurse consultation.”
0117 330 2461

Jane Dorothy Coleborn - Prescribing Support Pharmacist, South Gloucester PCT
Jane graduated from Aston University school of pharmacy over 20 years ago. She did her pre-registration training at Southmead hospital in Bristol. She then progressed to working in community pharmacy in Bristol as a manager and continues her work as a locum. She is currently employed by South Gloucester PCT were she is the prescribing support pharmacist for the severnvale locality. This involves visiting six practices on a regular basis. Having identified a need in three of the practices, she established hypertension clinics which run weekly where she regularly practices as a supplementary prescriber, soon to be an independent prescriber.
0117 330 2461


Nikki Mayes - Pharmaceutical Adviser, Gloucester PCT, Gloucester
“Independent prescribing will give me time to sit and discuss medicines with patients, to look at what the patient is taking in a holistic manner.”
07769 653757


Rebecca Spooner - Deputy Head of Medicines Management, Wiltshire PCT (Devizes / Chippenham / Swindon)
“Patients have a positive response as they see the benefit in releasing time for GPs to deal with more complex cases and also as my appointments are longer than a GP they have more time to discuss their concerns and treatment.”
01380 733911 or 07977 553 201


Graham Parsons - Substance Misuse Pharmacist, Plymouth PCT
“Patient access to quality treatment within a modern NHS is what we all want. As a pharmacist independent prescriber I will be able to provide that extra access to treatment that many clients with substance misuse problems currently do not have. In addition, my expertise in medicines will not only benefit the many healthcare professionals in the team around me but will also ultimately improve the care of the patient.”
01752 403809 or 07816 373210


Karen Acott - Pharmacist Partner, Wallingbrook Health Centre, Chulmleigh, Devon (Barnstaple)
“Pharmacists offering independent prescribing provide patients with access to a professional who knows about medicine and is who able to tailor prescribing to suit their lifestyle and needs.”
01769 581996 or 07857 539394

Judith Bargh - Prescribing Adviser Team, Devon PCT (Tiverton, Cullompton, Crediton, Okehampton)
“It’s the first time that the pharmacist's expertise and perspective's been brought into the prescribing process at the right time - the beginning. It means pharmacists are able to take a holistic view.”
01884 234491


Suzanne Bishop - Clinical Pharmacist, Anticoagulation and Paediatrics, North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple
“Independent prescribing is a good use of existing staff resources and has formalised the process of managing anticoagulated inpatients and patients in the community. It has expanded my knowledge and skills, especially in diagnosis and patient communication which has an onward benefit to the patient.”
01271 311770


Lorraine Lanchbury - Eldercare Directorate Pharmacist, Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske (Truro)
“Independent prescribing by pharmacists in eldercare will benefit patients in many ways, from prescribing for patients after stroke with swallowing difficulties to using specialist pharmacist knowledge in choosing cost-effective drugs for long term conditions such as osteoporosis and monitoring and adjusting as required. It will also help with prescribing commonly-used drugs, such as analgesics, safely.”
01872 252590


David Thompson - Senior Pharmacist, Boots Chemist & Bournemouth Community Addiction Team
“Independent prescribing increases patient access and allows professionals to consider developing new models of care which don't currently exist.”
01202 433774 or 07763 052009

Joao Da Cal - Store Manager, Rowlands Pharmacy, 14 Parkstone Road, Poole
Works with substance misuse patients.
01202 677932 or 07929 764549


Rachel Beckett - Lead Pharmacist – Rehabilitation, Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust, Cardiff
“Independent prescribing by pharmacists seems a natural extension of the role that has already been established by pharmacists especially within the hospital setting. It improves patients’ access to medicines and will be used by pharmacists within their individual scope of knowledge and experience to benefit many patients.”
029 2031 3763

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