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A map of the speed limits - click to enlarge
A map of the speed limits - click to enlarge

Internal News - 06 February 2007

Campus speed limits changed to 15 mph after complaints

A new speed limit of 15 mph will be introduced on almost all campus roads this month in response to complaints by pedestrians of inconsiderate driving.

An electronic survey of speeding by Security last year revealed that drivers often break existing limits, with some travelling more than 50 mph.

Currently there are speed limits of 5, 10, 15 and 20mph across the campus, which causes confusion, and Security have found that people are unaware of the limit on particular roads.

Now the Transport Strategy and Consultative Group have approved a revised and simplified speed plan for the campus based on pedestrian safety and the information gained from the survey. This will include putting up electronic signs advising drivers of their speed this month.

The speed limits will be 20 mph on the entry/exit routes along Quarry Road and Convocation Avenue and 15 mph on all other roads throughout the campus. The speeds will be clearly signed and inside the 15 mph speed limits pedestrians will have right of way.

Brian Schofield, the Head of Security, said: “The speed limits are in place to ensure the safety of students and staff across the campus. Over the last year a number of complaints have been received about personal driving habits and excessive speed, placing pedestrians in danger of being injured; I am sure we can all relate to the road safety advertisements on the TV.

“A number of students and staff are confused about the current speed limits around the campus and argue some limits are unrealistic. They are using these two reasons for excusing their non-conformity to the current limits.

“Survey figures indicate many motorists are exceeding the speed limits and speeds in excess of 50 mph have been recorded. The Transport Strategy and Consultative Group have agreed to simplify these limits and support a security-led education campaign to make drivers aware of the safety limits and conform to them.

“During February the signage will be changed around the campus to inform drivers of the two limits and the pedestrian right of way; shortly after this drivers will see portable electronic monitoring and display signs advising them of their speed. I appeal to all drivers to have safety in the forefront of their minds and conform to the limits.”