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Rob Eastaway
Rob Eastaway

Press Release - 05 March 2007

The mysteries of mind-reading to be revealed at public talk

The secrets of mind-reading tricks worthy of Derren Brown and Uri Geller will be revealed at a public talk to launch National Science & Engineering Week in Bath (University of Bath, 7pm Wednesday 7 March 2007).

In this free event, best-selling author, broadcaster and mathematician Rob Eastaway will demonstrate how simple mathematics can be used to perform effects that appear to involve telepathy.

“Mind-reading has been fascinating people for centuries, with luminaries like Uri Geller and Derren Brown amazing the public with their astonishing feats,” said Mr Eastaway.

“But I want to show that there are intriguing so-called mind-reading effects that are within everyone’s grasp, and have nothing to do with the paranormal.

“Whether you are a maths-lover or a complete maths-phobe, this talk will reveal the intriguing beauty and mysteries of maths.”

Although it is free to attend, tickets must be reserved in advance by contacting Steph Skaife or telephone 01225 386989.

Mr Eastaway is author of the bestselling books Why do buses come in threes? and How long is a piece of string?

He is President Designate of the UK’s Maths Association, a regular panelist on BBC Radio 4’s Puzzle Panel and has given numerous talks across the country on the mathematics of everyday life.

Other events taking place in National Science & Engineering Week in Bath include the annual Bath Taps into Science event. More information on this event is available in the related links section.

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