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Paul Stallard's book

Press Release - 11 April 2007

Expert’s concerns about child mental health services

One of the UK’s leading experts takes a critical look at child mental health services by examining the evidence, practice and future of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) at a public lecture next week (6.15pm Wednesday 18 April 2007).

Paul Stallard, Professor of Child & Family Mental Health at the University of Bath and a chartered clinical psychologist with the Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Care Partnership Trust, has pioneered the use of CBT with children and young people.

His book on the subject, Think Good, Feel Good, was highly commended by the British Medical Association and has been translated into ten languages. He has won five national awards for a school based CBT programme to prevent young people from developing mental health problems.

CBT is the current “wonder” treatment and in guidelines published by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), CBT has been recommended as the treatment of choice for a number of conditions ranging from post traumatic stress disorder to depression. At this point in time CBT has established itself as the therapy most strongly backed by scientific evidence although the evidence base is still quite limited says Professor Stallard. Effectiveness needs to be substantiated and there is a national need to improve the availability and practice of CBT with children and young people

In his lecture, Professor Stallard will describe CBT and its use with children and young people and take a critical look at its future use.

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