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Press Release - 10 May 2007

Politics on the agenda for public lectures

People in Bath are invited to discuss eco-politics and evidence-based policy in two seminars at the University of Bath.

The first seminar (Monday 21 May, 2.30-6pm) will introduce a political and research agenda for an era where the environment has moved to the centre of public debate, but unsustainable practices and lifestyles are still being defended.

Academics from across the UK will discuss whether heightened public attention on the environment is causing a process of collective self-deception about the seriousness of the situation.

Entitled From sustainable development to the politics of unsustainability? Eco-politics after the consensus on climate change, the seminar will launch a special issue of the influential journal Environmental Politics.

The seminar will be chaired by Professor Geoff Hammond, Director of the University’s International Centre for the Environment (ICE). Presentations will include: Between Hyper-Environmentalism and Post-Ecologism: A watershed in Eco-politics by Dr Ingolfur Blϋhdorn from the Department of European Studies and Modern Languages; The politics of unsustainability: A new agenda for Environmental Sociology by Dr Ian Welsh from Cardiff University; Been there-done that-historic al reflections on the future by Professor Robin White-Grove; and The return of the primitive: Post ecologism and democracy by Dr Matthew Humphrey from Nottingham University.

The event will take place at 8 West 3.22 lecture theatre at the Claverton campus and will be followed by drinks, discussions and a book sale from the presentations in the Claverton Rooms Bar on campus.

It is organised by International Centre for the Environment and a research group from the Department of European Studies and Modern Languages, Democratic change, social movements and political parties.

At the second seminar (Tuesday 29 May, 4.30pm), Dr John Turnpenny from the University of East Anglia’s Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment will present Joined up (good) governance? Links and missing links between evidence and policy.

Drawing on recent work, he will examine how policy assessment systems in the UK and EU have functioned and discuss whether evidence-based policy is living up to claims that it will improve the ‘joined-up’ nature of governance and help to achieve more sustainable policy.

The seminar will take place at 8 West 3.22 lecture theatre at the Claverton campus. People are invited for discussions and refreshments before the event from 4pm-4.30pm in the common room/ servery at 8 West Level 3.

The seminar is organised by the International Centre for the Environment, the Centre for the Study of Regulated Industries, and the European Research Institute.

For more information email Carolina Salter at the International Centre for the Environment at or call 01225 386156.

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