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Professor Robert Grubbs
Professor Robert Grubbs

Press Release - 16 May 2007

Nobel Prize winner to talk in Bath

A Nobel Prize winner will give a lecture to students and staff at the University of Bath this week (5.15pm, Friday 18 May 2007).

Robert Grubbs received the Nobel Prize in 2005, along with Richard Shrock and Yves Chauvin, for his work in the field of olefin metathesis.

This work provided chemists with a revolutionary new way of making useful materials, including tough plastics and smart drugs.

“We are really pleased to have someone of Professor Grubbs' standing giving our final Millennium Lecture of the year,” said Stuart Macdonald, one of the Department of Chemistry PhD students who helped organise the lecture series.

“This lecture series has been open to the public, and has given people the opportunity to find out about cutting edge science and controversial issues from leading scientists.”

Tickets for the lecture Fundamental research to commercial products: applications of olefin metathesis catalysts by Professor Robert Grubbs from the California Institute of Technology are free, but need to be reserved from Haniti Hamid.

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