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Internal News - 22 May 2007

University shortlisted twice for major new research initiative

Two bids associated with the School for Health have been shortlisted for funding as part of a major new public health research initiative.

In January 2007, the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) called for bids to establish up to five ‘Centres of Excellence’ designed to strengthen public health research in the UK with a new investment of £20 million.

The centres will bring together leading experts from a range of disciplines at Bath and beyond and will work in partnership with practitioners, policy makers and wider stakeholders to tackle complex public health issues, such as obesity and smoking, that are likely to have a significant impact on the health of the nation.

The two bids associated with the University of Bath are:

The Avon collaborative centre for public health research led by Professor Chris Riddoch (School for Health) involves collaboration across the University of Bath (with the departments of Economics, Education and Psychology) and with the universities of Bristol and West of England, combined with support from a wide range of regional stakeholders .

The UK centre for tobacco control studies, which involves the UK’s leading experts on tobacco control based in six Universities, is led by the University of Nottingham but has significant involvement from the new tobacco control research group at Bath led by Dr Linda Bauld (Social & Policy Sciences) in association with Dr Anna Gilmore (LSHTM) and Professor Ken Judge (School for Health).

“In collaboration with a range of internal and external partners, the School for Health has taken a great stride forward in advancing its strategic focus on population health improvement,” said Professor Ken Judge, Head of the School for Health.

“Eighteen bids were submitted to the UKCRC from across the UK and eight of these have been shortlisted, including the two associated with the University of Bath.”

The bids are expected to be announced by December 2007.