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Internal News - 25 May 2007

Volunteers needed for exercise project

Volunteers are needed for a research project investigating the effect of acute exercise on energy hormones.

Young men aged between 18 and 34 years are needed for the study, which will involve a series of fitness and blood tests over a six week period.

“Everybody responds to exercise slightly differently and this could be important in our long-term health,” said Dr Dylan Thompson, lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science at the University.

“One of the ways in which people may respond differently is in terms of the changes to hormones that control metabolism.

“We are trying to understand whether the way in which people respond could ultimately explain why some people get greater benefit from participation in exercise than others.

“In the long-term, this will allow us to give better advice about what constitutes appropriate exercise behaviour for different people.”

In return for their time, volunteers will receive a scientific analysis of their results, including their cardiovascular fitness, body composition, dietary assessment and information on their metabolism and metabolic rate.

Those who wish to take part should be:

To find out more, contact: Supaporn Silalertdetkul on extension 6478.