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Internal News - 25 June 2007

Physics is latest department to move its web pages over to new design

Physics has become the latest department to move its web pages over to the new design agreed by Executive late last year. (See Related Links).

The site was tested twice before its launch of the new design with sixth-form students from the Ralph Allen School in Bath who are studying physics and thinking of going into higher education. Potential undergraduates are one of the main target audiences for the website.

In the first test seven students were asked what they thought of the previous version of the Physics site and the new one and compared these with physics sites from other universities. The results were positive, with students ranking the revised site ahead of all six other comparator university sites and the previous version at Bath.

The second test involved a more detailed usability study, with the students’ use of the site recorded on video and by computer. Several small amendments to the new site were adopted as a result. The Physics site follows departments such as Human Resources, Conferencing, Estates, Electrical Engineering and the news pages in adopting the new look.