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Professor Chris Garland
Professor Chris Garland

Internal News - 28 June 2007

Professor to serve as Indian Visitor

Professor Chris Garland, head of the University’s pharmacology group, has been invited by the British Pharmacological Society to serve as this year's AstraZeneca-BPS Indian Visitor.

The scheme has been running annually since 1990, with the aim of building and strengthening links between the two societies. The Indian Visitor attends the annual meeting of the Indian Pharmacological Society to deliver a plenary lecture on his/her research.

This year the 40th Annual Conference of the Indian Pharmacological Society is to be held in November at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research in Mohali, close to the city of Chandigarh in the Punjab.

“It is a real honour to be chosen to serve as the AstraZeneca-BPS Indian Visitor,” said Professor Garland.

“The visit will give me the opportunity to meet colleagues from India who I normally only see at meetings in other parts of the world.

“I am also looking forward to visiting at what is a very exciting and vibrant time in the development and expansion of the pharmaceutical sciences in India.”

Professor Garland’s research investigates the mechanisms responsible for changing the tone of vascular smooth muscle cells.

Changes in tone, or contraction level, regulate the diameter of small 'resistance' arteries, and thereby control blood pressure and flow within our bodies.

The main focus of Professor Garland’s research group is to understand how endothelial cells regulate vascular tone. Endothelial cells line all the blood vessels in the body and provide an interface with the blood. Dysfunction in these cells disrupts the control of artery diameter and is a key aspect of a range of cardiovascular disorders, including hypertension.

Next week the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology celebrates 100 years of pharmacy training and research in Bath with a special series of events, culminating in a gala dinner for around 300 members of staff, VIPs and former students.