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Soumyadip Rakshit
Researcher in Biometric Signal Processing
Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Ext 4977

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Iris image
Iris image
The image is 'unwound' (click for larger)
The iris part of the image is 'unwound' (click for larger)...
...and then converted into a digital code
...and then converted into a digital code

Internal News - 10 July 2007

Wanted: A pair of eyes

The University of Bath is extending its public Iris Image Database to maintain its position as a world leader in iris recognition, a research area of great significance in the upcoming ID Cards, passports and homeland security.

Researchers in Biometric Signal Processing are, therefore, looking for volunteers for the Iris Recognition Project.

Visit the library foyer for a couple of minutes and get free high resolution images of your eye.

The researchers will be there weekdays until 20 July between 10am and 6pm...There's free chocolate too!