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Internal News - 02 July 2007

New email lists system rolls out across campus

This summer, Computing Services will roll out a new web-based email list management system across the University. The new system, which is currently undergoing a pilot between several departments, will enable people to create and manage their own lists through a simple webpage.

Until now, the University has run two mailing list systems, one was a very basic compilation of email addresses which was open to abuse from spam, and the other was too complex to be user-friendly and caused problems for users and administrators.

The new solution allows users a single point of access and the freedom to create and manage lists with much more flexibility. Its features include: a user-friendly web interface; the ability to create mailing lists that start working immediately with no administrator intervention; a level of flexibility where users can customise their list to a very high specification; and an active 'user community' which will respond quickly to comments and requests. All lists will be in their own domain and have a "" address, not "".

David Mayo, Systems Administrator, explained: "Mailing lists are a key tool in collaborative working but the old system didn't allow people to use them to their full potential. Additionally, the system generated a lot of administrative work and was an unnecessary drain on resources."

A pilot was launched at the end of June, starting with volunteers from BUCS, Accommodation and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. At the end of July all list owners will be asked to start transferring their lists to the new system (which will run in parallel with the old system until October, when the old system will be discontinued). By early August all new lists will be created only on the new system. No action is required at present and users will receive further information.

Feedback on the new system is welcomed. Please email