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Internal News - 24 July 2007

Wiki tool for University computer users

A new wiki tool for University computer users has been developed by the Web Applications Team.

A wiki (from the Hawaiian word for fast) is a collaborative website that can be directly edited by anyone with access to it. It can be used for sharing information and documenting and discussing team projects.

The new tool allows for the fast, easy creation of wiki pages and can be used for collaborative activities such as:

Members of a group can share resources such as strategies, minutes, procedures and policy documents.

The wiki allows users to edit pages in their web-browser so they can discuss ideas and projects. They can also comment on other people's pages and share ideas (click on the wiki version of this news item in related links to comment on it). Alternatively, pages can be locked or hidden from other users.

The wiki enables users to view the edit history of a page and they can easily retrieve content using the search interface or by tagging, using simple categories for related content.

So far the wiki service has been used to create a range of different pages, including:

Website content can be restricted to members of these groups, made available to the world, or completely hidden from everyone else according to how you set up the permissions. Sites created in the wiki are intended as internal-facing informal resources.

The wiki service has been implemented by the Web Applications Team which is also responsible for the Personal Information Portal (PIP), the Learning Materials Filestore (LMF) and the forthcoming content management system.

The team has developed some tutorials to give users basic information on using a wiki. They have also set up a support contact at: .

Information on how the wiki can be used for learning and teaching purposes is available from e-Learning (see related links).