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Internal News - 25 July 2007

Department of Computer Science welcomes ‘Technochix’

The Department of Computer Science opened its doors recently to a group of 28 female IT students from a local school. Many of the students are in an after-school IT club, called ‘Technochix’, which aims to promote IT among girls.

The pupils, from the John of Gaunt School in Trowbridge, were accompanied by their teacher, Dr Hyde, a former lecturer at the University of Bath who runs the club.

The aim of the day was to introduce the pupils, aged 11-14, to University study. They rose to the challenge, completing tasks similar to those undertaken in the introductory first year undergraduate laboratory session. Dr Marina De Vos, the lecturer who invited the students, said: “the day went well and the girls did an excellent job.”

Dr De Vos and Dr Hyde are enthused by the success of the event and hope to repeat it, not necessarily only for girls, perhaps paving the way for an after-school programming club.