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Internal News - 31 July 2007

Web Support and Development: new arrangements from 1 August 2007

The two separate web support and development teams (currently based in Marketing & Communications and in BUCS) are to be merged into a single group, Web Services, and placed under a single management in Marketing & Communications from tomorrow, 1 August 2007.

Building on the successes of the separate groups, the initial remit of the merged team will be:

For the immediate term, the two components of the new team will continue to operate from their current locations in Wessex House and BUCS respectively, but the University is currently assessing what opportunities exist for co-location.

The new team will be customer/client facing, with a Web Manager to be appointed who will direct its activities and manage the various projects. This new post is currently being advertised (see Related Links); in the meantime, Andrew Male will be Acting Web Manager.

To assist with agreeing priorities, a monthly meeting will be held between the Directors of BUCS and Marketing & Communications, the University Secretary and the Web Manager.

The implementation of a single content management system for the whole website should bring about substantial benefits for the University, as other higher education institutions have found. Implementation will take a up a substantial level of staff time over the next 18 months and so the extent of other work that can be done during that period will be limited. By late 2008, however, we expect to have a much more effective, flexible and logical method of updating web pages.

The new arrangements are intended to provide the best possible service to departments and staff across the University.

Ideas, input and support will be welcomed in implementing the new arrangements.