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Internal News - 09 July 2007

Charity cake sale in 5 West

There will be a charity cake sale in the foyer of 5 West between 10am and 2pm (or until all the cakes go) on Tuesday 10 July.

The proceeds will help send a volunteer to Costa Rica to take part in a conservation and biological research project in Tortegero national park.

Ariane Whitehead, who has just completed the first year of a zoology degree at the University of Bristol, will join a team of volunteers to study jaguars, marine turtles and birds next month.

She said: "It is vital that we raise awareness locally and globally of the effects of species and habitat destruction.

"It is not just that we are losing cute animals - whole communities and ecosystems are affected and even humans suffer as a result of the imbalance in nature that ensues when a species becomes extinct through our ignorance and lack of action.

"Often there are simple solutions that can be easily implemented though education."

During her five-week stay Ariane will also be teaching English to Costa Rican adults and children and carrying out tourist impact assessments.

So far she has raised £1,500 for her trip but is still seeking support from local businesses to reach her target of £3,000.

Her trip has been organised by charitable trust Global Vision International, the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment and Energy and the National University of Costa Rica.