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Firefighters wearing radioactivity protection suits
Firefighters wearing radioactivity protection suits
Fire engines
Photos by Nic Delves-Broughton

Internal News - 22 August 2007

Training exercise for radioactive leak carried out on campus

The Avon Fire & Rescue Service carried out a training exercise at the University of Bath today on dealing with a radioactive leak.

The University, which does not have any radioactive sources that could cause such an incident, acted as host for the event at the request of the Fire Service.

The exercise took place at 10am at the 4 South building close to the southern boundary of the campus.

The training exercise included fire engines and a decontamination unit which was on campus for the entire exercise. No hazardous materials were used in the exercise.

4 South was not evacuated during the planned exercise, which lasted about 90 minutes.

“The University has agreed to be the host for this exercise in order to help the Fire Service in their training," said a University spokesperson.

“Our campus is a convenient place for the Fire Service to carry out this exercise as the location does not get in the way of the general public.

“We do not keep radioactive materials on campus which could cause such an incident, so it cannot happen for real here.”