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The Carter family
The Carter family
Katie Carter, Donna Carter, James Carter and Professor Mileham
Katie Carter, Donna Carter, James Carter and Professor Mileham

Internal News - 29 August 2007

Engineering graduate commemorated by stained glass panel

A stained glass panel has been unveiled in the internet café in 4 East as a memorial to an engineering graduate who died recently.

Donna Carter commissioned the panel in the memory of her husband, Andrew Carter, who took a BSc in Engineering at Bath from 1968 to 1971. He died on December 25 last year, aged 58.

She and her two children, Katie and James, attended the ceremony today, and she also donated some books to the Library, including a handbook for aeronautic engineers.

At the ceremony, the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Professor Tony Mileham, said: “We are here to celebrate the life of Andrew Carter with the donation of books to the Library, and the switching on of this beautiful stained glass commemorative panel, providing the legacy requested by Andrew.

“Andrew graduated from Mechanical Engineering (then known as Engineering) in 1971, one of the first graduates from this site.

“We thought that we don’t have enough art in our engineering buildings and it was a privilege to be able to celebrate Andrew’s life and his achievements with this exhibit.”

The panel was created by local firm, Bath Aqua Glass, and part of it features a representation of the Challenger 604 intercontinental business jet, which was a favourite of Mr Carter’s.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the department, including Professor Emeritus Frank Wallace, who was head of department in the late 1960s, and of the Alumni Office and the Library.