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Laura Fedorciow gives a presentation about her experiences as an intern
Laura Fedorciow gives a presentation about her experiences as an intern

Internal News - 29 August 2007

Successful end to summer internships

Last week, six students completed their summer internships working in departments across the University as part of a pilot scheme run by the Careers Advisory Service. The scheme provides students with the opportunity to gain two months of paid work experience during the summer.

Diane Hay, Head of the Careers Advisory Service, launched the scheme earlier this summer. She said: “The University is one of the biggest graduate recruiters in the area and this scheme enables it to promote career opportunities to its own students, as well as giving the students the chance to learn more about higher education and develop new practical and personal skills.”

Departments from across the University were invited get involved in the scheme and submit details of projects, job descriptions and expected learning outcomes for internships. Student applicants were then matched with specific projects and interviewed for the roles. The students, who worked full time, were funded by the University Strategic Development Fund.

Laura Fedorciow, a second-year Chemistry & Management student and an intern in the Students’ Union, was responsible for creating an online voting system for academic representation as part of her internship.

She said: “The internship was my first full-time job and gave me the opportunity to learn lots of new skills. I’m a much more confident communicator now which will be really useful for the placement I start next week. I feel a lot better prepared now I’ve had some practical experience.”

Her supervisor, Ian Robinson, General Manager of the Students’ Union, said: “We applied for an intern to do a project we just didn’t have the manpower to do ourselves. Having a paid student, rather than having to rely on the good will of volunteers, meant the job was undertaken with real professionalism. Laura worked so hard she has created a new role for a temporary member of staff.”

Other intern projects included looking at the organisational structure of the Security Office, updating and enhancing the placements website for the Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office, and conducting market research for the Imaging, Print & Design Unit.

The pilot has been such a success that the Careers Advisory Service hopes to establish it as a regular scheme. Diane said: “The quality and the quantity of the work undertaken by the interns makes them very good value for the University. As current students they can also provide a useful insight into the projects. It’s a scheme that has huge benefits for all parties involved.”