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The delegation and Dr Johnson and Dr Inger
The delegation and Dr Johnson and Dr Inger

Internal News - 31 August 2007

Delegation from Japan visits campus to find out about staff development

A delegation from a Japanese university came to the campus today to find out how Bath develops its staff and delivers a high quality education in a research-intensive environment.

Five delegates from The Centre for Development and Support for Higher Education at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, toured the campus and met Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Ian Jamieson, Dr Robert Johnson, the new Head of Academic Staff Development, and Dr Simon Inger, Acting Head of the Staff Development Unit.

The Centre was established in 1998 to research and implement initiatives to develop Ritsumeikan’s academic systems.

Its responsibilities are similar to Bath’s Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office: developing students as learners, enhancing the professional development of staff, and improving quality through innovations, systems, policies and structures.

At present, the Ritsumeikan Centre is staffed with three members, who are specialists on higher education, comparative education, university education and educational technology. They provide consultation and present proposals in order to promote staff development across the university.

This is the second year that Ritsumeikan has had a training programme for new teaching staff. The programme consists of orientation, lectures, workshops on teaching plans and a social gathering.

However, the Ritsumeikan visitors were keen to learn from the University of Bath, which has a teaching development programme that focuses on work-based learning supported by departmental mentors and specialist advisers.

The programme is currently being developed by Dr Johnson and now incorporates a greater range of scholarly activities in the accreditation process.

“Workshops are to be offered in departmentally specific contexts for the first time this year,” said Dr Johnson. “The emphasis for new staff at Bath is on individualised support and they piece together their experiences in a portfolio over a period of two to three years.

“The programmed is underpinned by a scholarly interpretation of the literature of learning and teaching, and is credit-bearing - successful participants are invited to become registered practitioners of the Higher Education Academy of the United Kingdom.”

The visitors are:

• Professor Hirotaka Oki, Professor of Educational Technology and Higher Education and Associate Director, Centre for Development and Support of Higher Education.

• Ms Keiko Shima, Managing Director, Academic Affairs

• Mr Akito Asano, Deputy Managing Director, Academic Affairs

• Ms Rie Kongo, Administrator, Centre for Development and Support of Higher Education

• Ms Kazue, Shinji, Interpreter.