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Jackie Cavanagh in the refurbished stairwell
Jackie Cavanagh in the refurbished stairwell

Internal News - 31 August 2007

Wessex House stairwell to reopen

On Monday 3 September the Wessex House stairwell at the south of the building will reopen after the refurbishment of levels 1-4. The stairwell between these floors has been closed for seven weeks while contractors have been at work.

Improvements include: newly painted stairwell, new carpet and lighting, stripped and re-varnished doors and improved treads to the stairs. Asbestos has also been removed from this area.

By the time term starts the stairwell will also have improved signage, seasonal plants, artwork provided by ICIA, and new noticeboards.

Jackie Cavanagh, the Estate Surveyor overseeing the project, said: “The aim of the refurbishment has been to make the stairwell look attractive for staff as they go to work and for visitors as they arrive at the University.

“Although the work is not complete we didn’t want staff to be inconvenienced any longer. The outstanding work will be completed during September. In the meantime, please could staff avoid putting anything on the walls.”

For more information about the project, please contact Jackie Cavanagh, details in Related Links.