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Dr Alan Wheals
Director of Postgraduate Research Development
Ext: 3583

Professor Kevin Edge
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research

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Dr Alan Wheals
Dr Alan Wheals

Internal News - 20 September 2007

New Director of Postgraduate Research Development

A message from Kevin Edge, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research

I am very pleased to announce that Dr Alan Wheals, from the Department of Biology and Biochemistry, will have the role of Director of Postgraduate Research Development for three years from 1 August 2007.

The post is a one-day-a-week role, supporting me to drive forward postgraduate research activity within the University.

The core of Dr Wheals' new role is to maintain oversight of all activities involving postgraduate research student provision, to provide timely advice and to develop coherent policies and direction for postgraduate development.

He will work closely with the Head of the Graduate Office in developing a strategic approach to postgraduate research recruitment including interdisciplinary initiatives, new postgraduate research programmes and new graduate funding opportunities.

Externally he will also look at new developments in postgraduate research standards and provision from national and international bodies and from the Bologna process, as well as representing the University on postgraduate research matters at national and international fora where postgraduate research matters are discussed.

Dr Wheals was previously assisting in the development of a framework for postgraduate skills development (see, for example, the GST Handbook in Related Links).

He will now develop and coordinate an integrated and embedded strategy in relation to graduate training and jointly oversee the work of the new Postgraduate Skills Coordinator, Dr Tracey Stead. (See Related Links).