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Professor Richard Guy
Professor Richard Guy
Photo by Nic Delves Broughton, University Photographer

Internal News - 21 September 2007

Richard Guy made Academy Fellow

Professor Richard Guy, Head of the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, has been made a Fellow of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Great Britain.

The award was made at a dinner held at the British Pharmaceutical Conference last week, at which Professor Guy’s “significant contribution to pharmaceutical sciences” was acknowledged.

The citation for the prestigious award referred to his work in deriving a predictive algorithm to calculate a chemical’s permeability, and maximum flux, across human skin.

The approach he developed is now widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to assess the feasibility of delivering a drug through the skin – either by topical application as a cream or transdermally through a patch – and assessing potential exposure risk.

The citation also highlighted his work on iontophoresis – a technique that allows chemicals to be ‘pushed’ through the skin using a small electric current. His research in this area has helped explore the potential both for drug delivery and for non-invasive diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring.

The latter concept, applied to glucose monitoring in diabetes, was patented by his research group, and led to the development and commercialisation of a fully integrated, continuous-monitoring device for people with diabetes.

Professor Guy said: “It is a tremendous honour to be elected as a Fellow of the Academy.

“The fact that award is given to me by peers in the field means a great deal.

“It was also rewarding to be recognised for a sustained and profound contribution to my area of research.”