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Professor Chris Eccleston
Professor Chris Eccleston

Internal News - 26 September 2007

Professor awarded visiting fellowship in paediatric pain

Professor Christopher Eccleston, Director of the Pain Management Unit and Deputy Head of the School for Health, has been awarded the Pfizer visiting fellowship in paediatric pain for 2007.

From 1-5 October he will visit New England and Connecticut as the guest of the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center where he will give a ‘grand rounds’ lecture on managing adolescent chronic pain and open a pain awareness day.

During his visit he will be consulting on the development of adolescent chronic pain services, in particular the day hospital service for adolescent pain patients that is being developed as an extension to the CCMC’s pain relief programme.

The Pain Management Unit at the University of Bath and the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases was the first unit to provide in-patient cognitive behavioural therapy for chronic pain in adolescents, and continues to develop effective treatments for adolescents suffering with incurable pain.

Dr Neil Schechter, the director of the CCMC pain programme said: “We are delighted that Chris Eccleston will be visiting our institution. Professor Eccleston is internationally known for his research in adolescents with chronic pain and for the clinical application of that research.

“We will benefit not only from his formal presentations but, additionally, we feel his expertise will offer us insight into the strengths and weaknesses of our programme and how best we should plan for its future. We are truly excited about his upcoming visit.”

The child and family research team in the Pain Management Unit is focussed on the development of new and effective treatments, novel ways to assess the impact of pain on the lives of children, understanding why some children become complexly disabled by chronic pain, and exploring how children learn to use medicines safely in managing their own pain.

Professor Eccleston said: “This recognition of the work of the Pain Management Unit is rewarding for all of the team. The clinical and research team have developed truly innovative treatments to help young people and their families learn how to live with chronic pain.

“This award recognizes the world class quality of the work of the pain management unit. It is good to have the opportunity to help other hospitals in the USA develop similar treatment programmes.”