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Internal News - 15 January 2008

Students: Have you claimed your Bath Bursary?

A message from the Student Money Service:

First and second year undergraduates (including Foundation degrees) and PGCE students are eligible for a Bath Bursary of up to £1500.

You are eligible for a Bath Bursary if you are liable for £3070 fees and receive any Maintenance Grant* as part of your Student Support.

(*PGCE students on £1230 maintenance grant must also have an assessed household income of less than £38,330 to qualify)

Students undertaking a second degree can also apply.

If you have not yet completed your Bath Bursary claim, do so now by logging on to SAMIS on the web.

You will need to provide Bank Account Details so have them ready when you log on:

1) Find SAMIS under quick links on the right hand side of the University homepage (or see Related Links section on this page)

2) Log in using your username and password

3) Go to Claim Bursary option at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions

4) If you cannot complete your claim on SAMIS, but have a Maintenance Grant Assessment Notification letter (from the Student Loan Company or from your Local Authority), please come to The Student Money Service (Wessex Hse 2.33) with your letter for further help.

5) If you are ineligible for Student Support because you are undertaking a second degree course, you can still apply for a means tested bursary.

Any problems or queries please contact or call into The Student Money Service for more advice.