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Internal News - 15 January 2008

Election of research staff to serve on Equalities & Diversity Committee

Nominations are requested for the vacancy of a research staff representative to serve on the Equalities & Diversity Committee until 31 July 2010.

The Equalities & Diversity Committee is responsible to Council and Senate for the promotion of equality of opportunity across the University.

The Committee is looking for a member of Research Staff to engage positively with strategic issues relating to equalities and diversity and to take an active part in moving forward the University’s agenda in these areas.

There will be opportunities to develop your existing knowledge in the core areas of diversity, although any existing expert knowledge will be welcomed.

Further information about the Committee, its membership and terms of reference can be found in the Related Links section.

The Committee meets four times per year (usually Thursday afternoons, 2.15-4.15pm); the remaining dates for 2007/2008 are 17 January, 24 April and 12 June.

Nominations should be submitted no later than Thursday 31 January 2008 using the form in the Related Links section. Please note that if more than one nomination is received an election will be held.

If you would like to talk further about your interests, or receive a copy of any of this information in an alternative format, please contact Diane Davies