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You said, We did

Internal News - 31 January 2008

You said, We did: Recent enhancements to the student experience

A message to students from Professor Ian Jamieson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching), and David Austin, President of the Students’ Union:

The University and Students' Union are constantly striving to improve what we provide for our students to enhance your experience at Bath.

The enhancements we make every year are in response to the feedback that students give to both the University and the Students' Union via the National Student Survey (NSS) and a range of other surveys of student opinion that we undertake.

The latest NSS results, released in September 2007, showed that the University had made year-on-year improvement in all six categories assessed.

The University recorded the third largest jump in the country in its NSS ratings.

The University and Students' Union feel that it is important to ‘close the loop’ and ensure that students know that the feedback and comments we receive from you are analysed, reviewed and acted upon to ensure that the student experience at the University continuously improves.

The overview below highlights just some of the changes we have made in the last couple of years in response to the range of feedback from you:

Learning & teaching – including learning & teaching space

Assessment & feedback

Learning resources

Academic support and personal development

Sport and recreation

University estate