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Internal News - 08 January 2008

Message about the norovirus stomach bug

A message from the Department of Human Resources:

You will be aware through the media that many hospitals and large institutions are being affected by a highly contagious stomach bug called norovirus. While there is no need to panic, clearly a university environment, where large numbers of people live, work and visit, will not be exempt from infection.

The symptoms of norovirus infection are:

Throughout the whole of this time those affected are highly infectious. The virus can be spread by contact with an infected person, by eating contaminated food or water, or by contact with contaminated surfaces or objects.


Adopting simple basic hygiene measures will help reduce the likelihood of infection. You should always:

If you become infected

There is no specific treatment for norovirus, other than letting it take its course. It is important to drink plenty of fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated. Medical staff at the Sports Training Village advise taking paracetamol to relieve symptoms.

Please do not come to work or attend lectures if you are infected. Even when the symptoms subside, you are still infectious. You should not return to work or lectures for at least 48 hours after you have last vomited.

Being practical

The onset of vomiting can be sudden. If this happens on University premises, please contact the Estates Department help desk (extension 3232) who will arrange for cleaning.