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Internal News - 01 October 2008

Funding available: Do you offer CPD programmes to external employers?

Bids are being sought from departments to provide external employers with Continuing Professional Development opportunities for their staff.

The University has established a new CPD Development Fund worth £30k each year to encourage improvements in the way we meet the training and development needs of employers regionally and nationally.

The concept of the fund responds to the agenda set by the Leitch Review of Skills, which sets out challenging targets for increasing the proportion of the workforce with Level 4 skills by 2020.

Leitch recommended: "We need to develop radical approaches that can lead to much higher levels of access to higher education by older people already in the workplace. This means models of HE that make available relevant, flexible and responsive provision that meets the high skill needs of employers and their staff."

The Government is keen to encourage projects that contribute to the development of employer engagement; HEFCE is offering institutions the opportunity to request additional student numbers for projects that are co-funded by employers and that will boost workforce development.

It is the intention, therefore, that bids to the CPD Development Fund should enable the trial of innovative new ways of working with employers on higher levels skills projects which are demand-led. (Projects should not simply be incremental enhancements of existing provision.)

The fund is currently inviting two types of applications from Deans, Heads of Department and interested individuals (with departmental backing):

Further details of the criteria for the bids can be found in the Related Links section on this page.

First call proposals for funding in 2008/9 should be submitted to Rachel Owens by 27 October 2008.

Please contact Rachel with any queries.


1. The University has convened a Task & Finish Group, led by Dr Faith Butt, with representatives as follows:

2. HEFCE has outlined the following as priority areas for support: