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The Showcase lectures will explore the topics of security and liberty
The Showcase lectures will explore the topics of security and liberty

Press Release - 15 October 2008

Free public lectures to explore topics of security and liberty

Local people are invited to attend a trio of lectures on the subject of security and liberty at the University of Bath on Tuesday 21 October 2008 at 6.15pm (lecture theatre 8 West, 1.1).

The first lecture, given by Professor Geof Wood from the University’s Department of Economics & International Development, is entitled Security and Liberty: Negotiating the Faustian Bargain.

It will examine the trade off between liberty and security in the Western world citing examples from poorer nations.

“In this lecture we will discover that for poor people, with less power as a feature of their poverty, the world around them becomes more uncertain and hostile than for others.

“To achieve safety, they have to make a pact with precisely those social arrangements and power holders which also keep them in poverty,” explains Professor Wood.

The second presentation will be given by Dr Alexander Kelle, from the University’s Department of European Studies & Modern Languages.

He will be looking at security concerns stemming from the misuse of biological agents, in his lecture: Security and Liberty in the Biotechnology Era.

“I will argue that traditional approaches to prevent biological warfare are becoming increasingly obsolete.

"They need to be complemented by technology control strategies that focus on human physiology instead of the microorganisms that may be used in a traditional bioweapons attack," explains Dr Kelle.

The final lecture will be given by Professor Adrian Hyde-Price, also from the University's Department of European Studies & Modern Languages.

In his lecture titled: Russia and the Georgian War: The Empire Strikes Back?, he will examine the significance and implications of the August conflict for the contemporary European and international security system.

“I will argue that although talk of a new Cold War is inappropriate, Russia's heavy-handed response to Georgian aggression highlights the dangerous and uncertain security environment we now live in,” said Professor Hyde-Price.

“In the face of new security threats and challenges, we need a foreign policy based on a cool-headed calculation of our core national and alliance interests, rather than the quixotic pursuit of moral and political crusades".

The lectures will be introduced by the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Glynis Breakwell and will run for approximately 20 minutes each.

Admission is free, but tickets need to be reserved from Mrs Sheila Willmott, details above. Free parking is available in the West car park. The presentation will take place in lecture theatre 8 West 1.1 (6.15pm-7.30pm) on the Claverton campus, University of Bath.

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