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Internal News - 17 October 2008

New starters in September 2008

The new starters update gives the name, job title and department of all new members of staff at the University who started in the previous month.

Academic Registrar's Department

Yolanda Cheung - Outreach Assistant
Joanne Gregory - Assistant

Bath University Computing Services

Naomi Eastman - Information Manager
Shannon Hope - Apprentice Technician
Daniel Morgan - Apprentice Technician
Henry Stacey - IT Training Manager
Lee Stone - Service Desk Operative
Naomi Thorn - Systems Developer
Nigel Treweeke- Service Desk Operative

Careers Advisory Service

Peter Smart -Temporary Careers Advisor

Childcare Services

Fay Corben- Nursery Nurse
Alison Roberts - Nursery Nurse


Jill Cook - Student Counsellor
Sarah Layzell - Student Counsellor

Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

Samuel Perry Knowledge - Transfer Partnership Associate

Department of Biology & Biochemistry

Dr Andras Liker - Research Officer
Xavier Munoz Berbel - Research Officer
Dr Masataka Nikaido - Research Officer
Dr Nicholas Priest - Lecturer
Pamela Rosettani - Research Technician (Experimental Officer)
Dr Paul Towner - Teaching Fellow

Department of Chemical Engineering

Amy Phillips - Admissions Secretary

Department of Chemistry

Dr Liza Rassaei - Research Officer

Department of Economics & International Development

Catherine Adams - Research Postgraduate Administrator
Dr Graham Brown - Senior Lecturer
Julie Taylor - Finance Assistant

Department of Education

Nigel Hampton - Teaching Fellow
Deborah Simmons - Finance Administrator
Dr Manuel Souto Otero - Lecturer

Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Mazhar Nasir - Research Assistant

Department of European Studies & Modern Languages

Dr Lisbeth Aggestam - Teaching Fellow
Shirley Batchelor - Administrative Assistant
Sara Jones - Teaching Fellow
Myrtille Jouanno - Lector
Mylene Kiefer - Lector
Dr Deborah Martin - Lecturer
Abel Perez Abad - Lector
Nora Underwood - Lector

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Dr Damien Harwin - Teaching Fellow
Dr Antal Jarai - Lecturer in Probability
Dr Xiuping Su - Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Justin Barry - Assistant Cagewasher
Nicolas Veillard - Research Officer/ Synthetic Medicinal Chemist

Department of Physics

Sara Dale - Research Officer
Dr Laure Lavoute - Research Officer

Department of Psychology

Dr Christopher Ashwin - Lecturer

Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Dr John Troyer - Research Officer

Division for Lifelong Learning

Abigail Barker - Women's Enterprise Assistant
Veronica Francis - Learning Partnerships Manager
Delia Slucutt -Women's Enterprise Co-ordinator


Darren Chitty - Sports Development Craftsperson
Elizabeth Williams - Porter Cleaner

Faculty of Science

Deborah McCusker - PA to the Dean of Science

Human Resources

Ceri Dibble - HR Assistant
Priti Patel - HR Assistant

Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts

Angie Butler - Fractional Teaching Fellow
Nathan Webb - Student Liaison and Events Administrator

Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office

Dr Jane Pritchard - Academic Staff Developer

Learning Support

Lucy Wilcock - Bath Assessment Centre Administrator


Nicoletta Nicky Stavrinides - Library Assistant

School for Health

Calum Mattocks - Research Fellow
Lauren Sherar - Research Officer

School of Management

Dr Sinead Carey - Lecturer in Innovation and Technology Management
Sophie Ephram - Placements and Projects Administration Assistant
Prof John Forker - Professor
Margaret Greenwood - Lecturer in Accounting
Prof Gregory Jackson - Professor
Yun Shen - Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Asimina Mina Vasalou - Research Officer
Zeynep Yalabik - Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Sports Development & Recreation

Christopher Coles - Sports Assistant
Ruth Edwards - Sports Supervisor
Jess Garland - Head Coach Netball
Matt Hale - Teaching Fellow (Coaching & Sports Development in Football)
Richard Howell - Sports Development Internship
Katie Jones - Sports Assistant

Students' Union

Thomas Davidson - Volunteer Support Worker
Carmela Lear - Receptionist
Darel Lesley Poole - Activities Administrator
Lisa Taylor - Joblink Co-ordinator


Dr Talat Chaudhri - Research Officer
Julian Cheal - Systems Developer